“Dedication, Effective, Win-win ”are the spirit Garson has been pursuit. As a manufacture of stent since 1997, sincere and effective cooperation lead us to constant progress.
Stent is mall but it plays big roles. It could solve complex clinical problems as obstruction, fistula and leakage in gastroenteric tracts. As a crucial solution in minimal invasive surgery, we look to easier and more accurate stent program. New type stents such as absorbable stents, stents with radiotherapy performance, drug-elution stents are novel stents under research and development.
With academic exchanges and physician trainings, Garson is contributing its effort for the health and medical progress in the world.


  • Experience of hand work has been transformed into standardized operation procedures.

  • Controlled from raw material and could match stent with various length

  • Failure is not allowed by worker self-inspection and special inspector

  • Compatibility and technical performance are tested by authorized laboratory