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One minute reading then you know metal and silicone Tracheal stents

Friday 09th February 2018 Back to list

Metal stent implantation technique is very familiar to most Chinese physicians. Silicone tracheal stent was introduced to China less than 10 years. Only hospitals with Grade IV intervention operation are able to conduct operation of silicone tracheal stent implantation.


Intelligence and experience are required to choose from silicone stent and metal stent in treating different clinical situations.

Here we provide some suggestions for your consideration in choosing the stents:

Metal stents -- easy to implant and difficult to retrieve

Silicone stents -- difficult to implant and easy to retrieve


Metal stent’s disadvantage is clinically reflected as granulation growth and this leads to difficulty in stent retrieve. For benign cases, this would make the follow-up treatment passive.


While silicone stent has better compatibility and less secretion retention. It requires rigid endoscope to implant so that it needs more procedures and skills in implantation. As silicone stent also have thicker wall, it is more used in main trachea tree and benign cases.


Currently in China, we use all silicone stent from imported brands. The manufacturing plant of silicone stent has stricter production conditions than metal stents. While the Chinese manufactured metal stent has enough clinical and market feedback for good prognosis.Customization makes stent adaptable for high market demand and expands its clinical significance.