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Precision medicine and cancer immunology in China

Wednesday 28th February 2018 Back to list

The principle of immunology therapy is to treat the disease by adjusting or motivating human immune system. It is the novel treatment of cancer that came into being after surgery, radical therapy and chemotherapy. In 2013, immunology ranks as the first scientific innovation in 《Science》. 
The first group patients with advanced melanoma who had the trial of immunology therapy gave the public exciting news. Someone has survived for 15 years. We have reasonable evidence to believe that the desperate disease --- cancer is hopeful to become chronic disease that could be controlled by multiple treatment. 
For Chinese patients, immunology therapy is extraordinarily amazing. While it is not new technology globally speaking, the innovation in the correct direction is essential step for this human common project. 
Recently, cancer immunology R& D in China has got applause in 《Science Translational Medicine》 with their invention of an “intelligent ” hydrogel scaffold. 
This hydrogel scaffold carries both gemcitabine and Anti- PD-L1. To be precise, when the gel is injected into the tumor, the scaffold gets discomposed under the influence of reactive oxygen species in the tumor. Gemcitabine is firstly released and then anti- PD-L1. 

ICB therapy (immune checkpoint blockade,ICB)
ICB therapy (immune checkpoint blockade,ICB) with anti- PD-1/PD-L1 is an immunology therapy that is getting more and more attention in recent years. 
Prof. Guzhen and his team is the inventor of this hydrogel. They have tested gel-mediated approach against B16F1 melanoma and 4T1 breast cancer. The results indicate that if the patient gets chemical therapy  firstly, it could strengthen the tumor’s sensibility to the immunology treatment. It shall raise the effectiveness of the further immunology therapy. With the degradation of the hydrogel, the ROS level of the tumor shall decrease , which would be positive for the purpose of suppressing the tumor growth. 
The ICB therapy has the side effect that is launching immune system to attack healthy systems. And for those tumors that are lacking in the features identified by the immunology system, which we call  low-immunogenic tumors, ICB therapy could not be that useful. 

According to the latest news from Center for evaluation, CFDA, two immunology medicines are in the listing application. They are expected to come into market in 2018.