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Endoscopic Mucosa Grafting

Tuesday 03rd April 2018 Back to list

Endoscopic Mucosa Grafting is invented by Prof. Fan Zhining from Jiangsu Province Hospital.  It is a novel way to treat refractory esophageal stenosis.


This technology is based on multiple field working expertise and theory knowledge, taking reference from the urethral formation and gastric mocusa grafting techniques, founded on Prof. Fan Zhining’s years experience of endoscopic operation and open surgery working experience. Till now, 4 cases of refractory esophageal stenosis was cured by Prof. Fan Zhining.


In 2017, a patient went to People’s hospital with last glimmer of hope. He was suffering by depression and long-term strong alkaline taking. The patient’s esophagus has 10cm long stenosis. He has endured 5 times esophageal expanding operation. Each time after operation, the dysphagia symptom erupted again within short time. Prof. Fan Zhining treated this refractory corrosive stenosis by endoscopic mucosa grafting. The operation achieved good effect.

First time endoscopic mucosa grafting


The mocusa could not cover the entire length at the first operation. The part which is not grafted still have stenosis after the first operation.


Subsequent endoscopic mucosa grafting


Prof.Fan takes three times operation based on this extra long stenosis. The second and third mocusa was taken from oral mucosa to avoid masssive mocosa taking from the esophagus at one time. Oral mucusa is squamous epithelium, as esophageal mocusa, it has strong anti-rubbing, regeneration and elastic performance.


After three times grafting, the patient’s stenosis has been greatly alleviated, only 2cm mild stenosis left. The dysphagia symptom has been improved to great extent.

The interval between three operations is one month and two months. Eleven months have passed and the the patient swallowing condition remains good presently. 



Corrosive esophageal stenosis is normally caused by chemical burn such as acid or alkaline. Children cases are caused by careless taking- in. Adult cases are made on the purpose of committing suicide.


The main treatment includes drug, open and endoscopic operation. Open surgery includes esophageal erection, gastroesophageal replacement, colon replacement of esophagus, which have large trauma and complications such as fistula. For children, these treatments have great negative effect on the patient. Endoscopic treatments in include gastric tube insertion, gastrostomosis, balloon dilation or stent implantation.


The mocusa grafting technique invented by Prof. Fan Zhining has achieved success at preliminary stage. Presently it has cured 4 cases. It has advantages such as minimal trauma, short-term hospital stay, least cost, remarkable effect. For the treatment of  corrosive esophageal stenosis, it is a breakthrough and saves much pain of patients. For children cases, it is also strongly suggested.