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Chinese Treatment of Extrahepatic Biliary Obstruction

Thursday 03rd May 2018 Back to list

Extrahepatic biliary obstruction is a common disease in digestive department. This disease has complicated causes. Mostly it is related with stone, tumor, or infections.

All these reasons could lead to biliary stricture and obstruction which affects the flow of the bile. ERCP is an effective diagnosis and treatment method, combining endoscopic and radiological technology. It is convenient with high precise rate. With the cooperation of MRCP,  the precise rate of diagnosis could be raised to a higher level.


In China, we have Chinese traditional medicine approach to treat extrahepatic biliary obstruction. Chinese traditional medicine follows the principle of treatment according to syndrome differentiation. In China, we call “Bian Zheng Lun Zhi”. “Bian Zheng ”means profound and comprehensive summary of disease location, reasons, development and nature. It could be understood as diagnosis. The tool of “Bian Zheng” is by “observation, listening,interrogation and pulse-taking”.

“Lun Zhi” could be understood as treatment. “Lun Zhi” is related with conclusion of “Bian Zheng”, it is established on the basis of “Bian Zheng” and could check if the former diagnosis is correct. These two process form the practice and theory of traditional Chinese medicine.


Extrahepatic biliary obstruction and its jaundice symptom could be sourced to “pathogenic influence”or “evil influence” in the form of dampness. The evil dampness invades into human’s liver and gall. It occludes the flow of bile. In this cases, bile overflows into the blood and the patient shows yellowish skin and eyes.

To treat this disease, recover the function of liver and gall is the main direction, and repel the dampness is the key point. By the way of observing the patient’s diet, environment, and other organs, identify the nature of the disease and give different Chinese herbal prescription. Chinese traditional herbal medicine helps the body recover into balance. Some could facilitate the discharge of stone, others have effectiveness of anti-inflammation and strengthen the liver function.

With the adoption of “Bian Zheng Lun Zhi”, the effectiveness of treatment could be raised remarkably.